Review: Graye EP by Divide And Conquer

Emily Graye is a singer/songwriter and a graduate of Berklee College of Music. She has been writing songs since the age of fourteen and blends a number of different styles to create a unique style that I would describe as Fiona Apple meets Lana Del Ray. Graye has a dark edge to her lyrics and a deep tone to her voice that makes each track alluring and provocative while remaining current and original. Her debut EP Graye features four tracks ranging from ballads to experimental pop.

The first track “Simple Things” started with a haunting piano melody that led into Graye’s clear deep-toned vocals. It became evident right away that Graye is one cool chick. Her lyrics are smooth and clever with a definite edge to them. This song had a head-bobbing beat with perfectly placed synths that worked really well with the darkness of the song.

“Neon Paradise” was a truly unique track about a young man’s journey to self-discovery in Las Vegas. I especially enjoyed the line “makes his memories with bottlecaps of Twisted Teas” since I thought I was the only psychopath that drank those. There is a distinctive spoken word/rap section in this track that was very Lana Del Ray-esque. It was a daring choice that paid off; it worked really well within the context of the song. “Without You” was more of a ballad with a slower tempo and intense lyrics. Graye’s vocal range is showcased more on this track while showing a more emotionally vulnerable side.

The final track “The Art of Lying” was stylistic and cool. Graye holds nothing back in the lyrics and the line “You’re a raft and I’m a fucking battleship” made me laugh. I listened to this one a second time right away, It was stealthy and funky and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

really loved Graye. This is the work of an artist who is thoughtful and brave. Her lyrics are tough and raw while remaining poetic and sensitive. The sound is built in layers and is best listened to loud or with headphones so you can catch all the creative and deliberate nuances that make it truly an experience. Graye’s passionate relationship with music is evident on every track and every choice she makes musically is uniquely hers. The really amazing thing is that she is just getting started. I can’t wait for more.

Emily DeGirolamo