Emily Graye Releases Self-Titled Debut EP

Emily Graye explores the boundaries of the alternative-pop genre with her self-titled debut EP, Graye. A mix of synth sounds combined with ethereal melodies create a cinematic introduction into her dark world. 

"Simple Things" alludes to a sarcastic view of an increasingly superficial society. Though we know we don't belong, we're still caught up in the elegance of this picturesque party and wealth-obsessed life. 

"Neon Paradise" illustrates a troubled youth's journey to Vegas in a headspace reminiscent of the past with vinyl static and muffled radio talk. Idolizing a trashy aesthetic leads to ultimate self-discovery.

"Without You" depicts a tragic undoing accompanied by hauntingly beautiful harmonies and strings. It captures the desperation to prevent loss and the ultimate isolation felt when a great loss occurs.

"The Art of Lying" presents a musical climax in this enigmatic, hellish world. The intrigue surrounding the title itself expands as synth-orchestral melodies combined with unapologetic vocals propel the song forward. 

Emily DeGirolamo